Civil Litigation


Occasionally, problems arise that may require legal assistance to resolve.  While we recognize that your goal is not necessarily to take a matter to trial, it sometimes becomes necessary to litigate matters to an end result.


Nugent Law will work with you to negotiate a favorable agreement or settlement whenever possible, but we are also prepared to take your matter to trial to protect your interests.

Contract Law


Contracts cover a wide variety of functions in daily life from a phone bill to an international agreement.  At Nugent Law, we can help you, whether you need a contract reviewed, a new contract drafted, or are looking to negociate a contract.


  • Employment contracts

  • Non-compete & non-disclosure agreeements

  • Service agreements

  • Sales contracts



International Law


Nugent Law has experience practicing in both civil law and common law systems. We can help you address your international concerns with contracts, business formation, mergers and acquisitions, estates and family matters.


Additionally, where your business or personal legal needs require an attorney overseas, we will reach out to our international network to provide you with the international legal team you need to address your legal needs.

Business Law


Whether you are in the plannig phase, looking to expand or diversify, or looking to sell and wind down, we can  help you with your business needs.


  • Business formation

  • Business organization documents

  • Contracts

  • Business negociations

  • Business defense and litigation

  • Mergers & acquisitions


Landlord-Tenant Law


As of January 2014, landlord-tenant law in Florida has changed making it more imporant than ever to consult an attorney before addressing your landlord-tenant problems. 


Nugent Law can help you decide which is the best path for you, whether there has been a breach under the lease, damage to the property or a dispute over repairs.


We can also help you revise your lease to ensure it is up-to-date with the new changes to the Florida statutes.

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